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Until right now,I had no idea that flashrobs were a thing or for that matter, what a flashrob was. And since you being the mostly sensible lot that you are probably don’t know either, I’ll let this explain it.

A recent incident that was initially described as a “flashrob” was a theft that occurred inside a Victoria’s Secret store in Washington, D.C.

Basically, the groups organize themselves on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. They then go into the store, distract the employees somehow, and grab merchandise, The Daily Mail reports.

Other incidents have been reported in the Georgetown area of D.C., and in some cases the robbers even pose for the security cameras, according to The Daily Mail.

Some experts have said that “flashrobs,” which are usually coordinated by younger perpetrators, probably give the thieves a “rush.” Some of the videos have even been circulated on YouTube, The Daily Mail reports.

So yeah. A flashrob is pretty much a flashmob composed entirely of highly radioactive levels of moron. It’s moron in such high concentrations as to amaze me, and if you’ve been around a while, you know that takes some work.

But on the up side, the sustainability of our little operation here has just been guaranteed for the foreseeable future, so thanks for that, I guess.

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