Hey Kids. How About Instead Of The Park Today We Go Out And Shoot Things? Sound Fun?

I was having so much fun with people on Twitter today, and then this came along.

Kelowna RCMP are shaking their heads after a mother let her five children shoot pellet guns from their moving vehicle.

The mother admits she was aware of what they were doing, but thought they were just shooting at road signs.

A man living on Geen Road in Kelowna says the kids pointed the gun at him and shot his vehicle as their vehicle passed. He called police at 2:30 p.m Tuesday.

Listen. It’s long weekend time. I’m already on my second beer. I shouldn’t have to sit here and break down everything wrong with what you just read. If you need it explained to you, you need a hysterectomy or male equivalent performed on you, preferably with a fork and no sleepy gas.

Happy Holiday for Reasons Unknown But We’ll Take It Day, Canada. Don’t do anything as stupid as this while I’m gone, ok?

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