The Stop Making Us Cry Department Is The Most Efficient One In Guelph

Update: Here’s a video report from CTV News. Guess what, the city comes off just as ridiculous and out of line on film as it did in print. And I must say, the Rasos cranking up themusical protest again brings me great joy.

You know what I’d love? For people to stop using their legal departments to slap folks with libel notices because some obvious satire hit a little too close to home. Yes, city of Guelph, I’m looking at you.

GUELPH — The city has threatened legal action against a Carden Street merchant and the Guelph Mercury over a recent email comparing city staff to the Three Stooges.

Libel notices were received Wednesday at the Mercury office and by Marc Black, owner of the Hempire store.

The notices refer to an email Black sent Saturday morning, which included a photo of the famed comedy trio and a suggestion it depicted a specific city manager and “his expert team of planners” working on Carden Street construction projects.

The email was sent to members of city council, a couple of city staff members – including the named manager – and a handful of downtown business, including the Mercury.

Really, that’s all this guy did. And considering what’s been going on down on Carden street and for how long, they’re lucky that’s all he did. Businesses are getting killed downtown and it seems like almost nobody wants to help them. Are the project managers intentionally trying to turn this into a giant clusterfuck? My guess is no, but that doesn’t mean those most impacted by what’s happening and the lack of communication from city hall about it aren’t allowed to feel that way and say as much. Hey, he was even creative and lighthearted about it. Nobody’s life was threatened and nobody went to anyone’s house to read a threatening letter as has happened in other situations. The only thing that was threatened is somebody’s poor wittle feewings, and that’s not why most of us in this town pay taxes to keep lawyers on staff.

I love Guelph as it is, but man, just think of how much better things could be here if the folks in charge were as quick to work on real solutions to real problems as they are to lay the smack down on some poor bastard with a legitimate gripe.

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