If You Lost Your Keys In #Guelph, I Might Know What Happened To Them

I have to do this first.

Ohmygod that was dumb ohmygod that was dumb ohmygod that was dumb.

Ok. Movin’ right along.

I was walkin’ along. Doo dee doo dee doo. I was walking with a friend, who is a very nice person. Suddenly, she spots something shiny. “Hey! Keys!” she exclaims. “Oh no! That can’t be good at all! Someone lost their keys at a bus stop. Oh no!” I tell her to go pick them up and look them over real good. Do they have something identifiable on them? “No, nothing!” she says. “Oh no, what to do what to do?” We were on the steps of a house. We asked the owner of a house nearby who rents out parts of her house to other people if she recognized the keys. “No,” she says.

My friend really wants to do the right thing. I’m thinking we should take them with us, ask our super and then the super of the building across the way, then call the police and Guelph Transit since this house is right next to a bus stop and find out what lost ‘n’ found we should drop them off in.

But before I can say any of this, she

hucks them into a mailbox of the house right there!

Excuuuuuse me? There are so many problems with this.

1. We don’t know whose keys those are, so how do we know that that house is their rightful home?

2. We also don’t know who lives in that house, and how honest they are. We can pray that they are, but we really don’t know.

3. When that person finds those keys, they’ll be wondering why in hell they got mailed a set of keys, which will prolong the process of getting them reunited with their rightful owner.

4. How do we know the owner of that house isn’t on vacation somewhere?

and 5. Just how in the bloody hell is some random person who lost their keys going to know to contact that random owner to get their keys back? The house owner isn’t going to be able to connect with the person because the keys don’t have anything identifiable on them. So unless they happen to know them, all that poor person will be able to do is put them in a lost ‘n’ found, what should have been done in the first place…if this person is smart and honest, that is.

I gave her a right bit of hell for that act of stupid. I love her to death, but if those were my keys, I would not want to know what ditwad had thrown them into the nearest object they could be stashed. That is not being helpful. She tried to get them back, but of course you can’t, because it’s a mailbox! John Q. Public should not be able to get *in* to the mailbox from that side.

So, if you took a bus in Guelph before July 31, 2011 at about hmmm 12:30 p.m. or you happened to be at the bus stop on Kathleen near Speedvale for the no. 7 bus and lost your keys on a set of steps, please leave me a comment. I will drag my friend out to the stop and get her to read me the street address. Being blind, I can’t very well go out and do it myself. Then we’ll try and work to get in contact with the owner of the house so hopefully you can get your keys back.

I have felt guilty about this since we left the stop, so this is my way of trying to do something productive.

And allow me to apologize for my friend again. Whether she’s a friend or not, that, was, dumb!

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