From The Oilfield To The Prison Yard

Question: You’ve been bonded out of jail after being charged with the theft of $300000 in equipment from oilfields around southwest Oklahoma. One of the conditions of your release is that you have to wear one of those GPS ankle monitors. What should you do with yourself now that you’re free? If your answer involves […]

Who Put The Hard In The Hardware? You Did Baby, You Did.

We’ve talked before about Freddie and TeddyJohnson, both known for rubbing up against and groping women on busy subway trains in New York. Well, apparently they’re not alone, and this latest sicko has an even better name. Meet Darnell Hardware, yes, Hardware, who is accused of exposing himself, then grinding against women in the subway […]

Here Comes The Bride…With A Gigantic Cartload Of Stolen Groceries

Weddings ain’t cheap, and I can certainly appreciate couples wanting to keep costs down especially in this time of economic uncertainty. But as with everything in this life, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. The right way might involve keeping your eye out for sales, negotiating with catering […]

Hot Sauce Lady Goes From The Bottle To The Can

Remember the hot sauce lady from Dr. Phil? I did say she would always be known as that. she’s been convicted, although her lawyer’s pushing for no jail time, and it doesn’t sound like the kids are going to get much help. I blame Dr. Phil’s producers partly for this, if things went down the […]