>The Sound Of Silence

>Update 4: Everything works again, thank Christ. Details, thank yous and gentle scoldings can be found here.

Update 3: Well, it looks like Ro still had our August monster. Holy crap was that ever a stroke of luck. And Barb is going to give me the cozycast and the mini Canada cast. So…we’re one hell of a lot closer to there than I’d hoped. But if anyone has anything, please thwack us a comment or an email.

Update 2: Thanks to Jen, we now have our first cast, which we did because Ro went to guide dog school. We still need the rest though, so if you have any of them, we’d be eternally grateful for them.

Update: In more awesome news, with the domain for the file server down, we have no FTP access. If you don’t understand what that means, the non-technical end of it means that everything we’ve put up there is pretty much held hostage and we, much like you, can’t get at it. So if, and this is a big if because seriously, who would save those, you happen to have any of the audio casts that Carin and I recorded, can you let us know so we can arrange to get them from you? I don’t have them and if Carin used to she lost them when her computer died, so if we can’t get them back we’ve been hosed out of hours and hours of content. We’d really rather that not happen, so if you can help us get our hands on them we’d both very much appreciate it.

If you’ve been trying to download any audio files from here and it hasn’t worked lately, we had no idea until right now.

Turns out the company that was hosting them for us let the domain expire and now either has to renew it or let it die. Why no, I am not amused. There’s nothing we can do about it short of finding a new place to put everything which has kind of already been in the works for a long time, as we’ve mentioned before.

In the meantime, we’re kinda fucked. There’s nowhere we can move everything temporarily until we make the permanent switch. So, bare with us I guess. We’ll do what we can, whatever that may be. And until then, we’re really, really sorry.

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