Douglas Archie Clark, Defrauding People Left, Left, Left Right Left

Remember Douglas Archie Clark? That fake war veteran who also had fake cancer? Well, he’s been at it again. And after they rearrested him because he didn’t show up for his July court appearance, wasn’t sticking to his release conditions, and was ripping more people off, they released him…again, with more release conditions. Yeah, because […]

Tell The Government You’d Rather They Not Spy On Your Every Online Move

I should have posted this back when I signed it, but it’s not too late to add your name and try to stop this awful Conservative Government legislation from passing. The government is trying to ram through an anti-Internet set of electronic surveillance laws that will invade your privacy and cost you money. The plan […]

This Provincial Election, Home Visits Are Available

I just saw this in the Election Connection newsletter. Pretty cool if you need it. Elections Ontario is offering home visits for those who can’t make it to their returning office. You can apparently arrange for the visit to happen up to the day before election day, so that’s pretty cool. If you need one […]

My Pizza Is Cold And Your Service Sucks, .com

Man. For a guy feeling lazy enough to order his pizza online, he sure is energetic when things go wrong. The 26-year-old man’s pizza order went awry when he mistakenly submitted an online order for carryout rather than delivery. He realized the mistake an hour later and called Toppers, 21461 E. Moreland Blvd., and arranged […]


I recently had occasion to contemplate one of the world’s great childhood mysteries. A question that has seemingly plagued children in schoolyards and on playgrounds everywhere for generations. The other night, while enjoying a game of baseball and a cold beer in the friendly outdoor confines of my balcony, it happened. Carin, carrying on a […]