A Flash Of Adventures On Carden Street

Yesterday, I had an interesting adventure, so I thought I’d share. Back a bit ago, Steve mentioned the Flash of Cash on Carden Street 2.0. I was pretty happy that there would be another one, because I’d missed the first one. So I planned to be on Carden Street at noon, and be part of […]

City Of Guelph Backs Down, Does What It Should Have Done In The First Place

Update: Updating to correct a massive oversight on my part. How could I have forgotten this? Ahh, much better. Whether it’s due to somebody taking the time to explain what a joke is to them or because bad press isn’t good for future election prospects, the city of Guelph has decided to do what should […]

File Downloads Restored. Thanks For The Heart Attack, Blind File Sharing

Well that sure is a load off our minds. It appears our long file server nightmare is over. Somebody over at Blind File Sharing, where all this stuff is hosted for now, was a little slow on the draw and let the domain expire. In so doing he almost made Carin and I expire along […]

Imagine The Trouble He Could Have Caused If He’d Had Some Coffee In Him

While Carin and I try to decide whether or not to record some audio for you all on this here holiday Monday, have one of these. According to deputies, Gabriel R. Letennier, 39, allegedly became irate with the Dunkin’ Donuts staff because he felt they were taking too long to serve him coffee. Police said […]