>Not A Very Inspiring Self-Defence Lesson

>Wow. In real life, someone brought a knife to a gunfight. Since it’s up here, you know it didn’t end well. I guess technically the gunfight hadn’t started yet. Alvin Merriwell Lewis Jr. was talking about how he would defend himself with his pocketknife. Thomas Larry Bolds decided to put him to the test, and […]

I Found The Mean Machines! And Many More Cool Things

Remember back when I casually mentioned looking for a play safe ad about being careful around “the mean machines” because “they can hurt you”? Well, I found it! And I also found the coolest channel ever. If you’re looking for old station ID’s, themesongs and commercials that ran in Ontario, check out the YouTube channel […]

Help Save The St. Joseph’s Health Centre Bus Stop

I meant to blog about this last week, but life kinda got me a bit distracted. I guess it’s better late than never, and it’s still not too late! Guelph Transit is going through some changes, supposedly to make the service more efficient. But I honestly think they are forgetting some things along the way, […]