Long Weekend Audio: First Beer Of The Weekend And Some Random Love And Hate

After a false start this morning thanks to a lovely piece of technology that decided not to work for no good reason, we can now let the audio begin!

Since the original kick off was not to be, I decided that there would be no better kick off substitute than documenting the weekend’s first beer. So along with an appearance from Carin, that’s exactly what I did.

Along with beer, we also cursed out her evil Stream and a local judge. There were a few other things in there too, but hell if I’m writing them all down. You’re going to listen to it, you’ll find them.

We only yammer for about 8 and a half minutes, which is probably some kind of record. I imagine as the drinking picks up that record is less and less likely to be broken, so enjoy the short one. You can download it here.

Talk to you all again soon.

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