A Double Dose Of Dumb: Running On Fumes And Yabba Dabba Dumbass

Here are a couple of poor car decisions. On their own, I wouldn’t have posted them…but together? I think they deserve a spot up here.

Ok, you’re driving along the road. Vroomba vroomba vroom vroom. Hey! What’s that coming out of your hood? Wow! Smoke! And a lot of it! Hmmm! You should do something!

But that something is not pull into a gas station. In case you forgot, the engine within your car uses combustion to get the energy it needs from the gas. So, gas is pretty ready and willing to burst into flames. So, you open your hood to have a look see at what be flamin’ in your engine, and…well…your whole car is on fire, and you’d better get your five kidlets outa there.

Moving right along, kinda similar to this next vehicle, we have this unnamed roofer from Michigan, whose brakes failed on his truck. But instead of pulling over and getting some help, or driving very slowly down quiet roads, he decided to follow Fred Flinstone’s example, and stick his foot out the door to use as a brake. It didn’t work at all, and he hit several cars before coming to a stop. Amazingly, he decided to do this while stone sober.

Um, people? Perhaps more people need to take some physics and chemistry courses before being allowed to drive.

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