Cow Fight!

I’m sure today’s news is full of lots of things to make you sad, horrified, and all other stuff. Just to break the mood, here’s something to make you go blarf.

Steve saw this a few days ago, and retweeted it, and still I missed it. Wow. I suck. Apparently our great big buddy ol’ pal Donna Simpson is very upset because someone is after her world record, and all the accompanying “prestige”. Oh my my. I don’t think I’ve heard an exchange that could simultaneously turn my stomach and fill my heart with disgust for both women. What a catty pair, neither of whom seem to have much of a life. But somehow, Donna Simpson seems worse. But maybe she’s extra pathetic because she just got, er, dumped by her long-time lover. Maybe he took the advice I gave him in the first story and ran away to save his own life.

Just, yuck.

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