Talk About A Hot Beef Injection

This story is weird on so many levels.

According to the story, Janet Hardt had a weird obsession. She liked injecting things into her face. It didn’t seem that she was doing it to improve her looks, as her face was kinda disfigured from the scarring caused by the repeated infections that resulted. She just liked shooting her face full of…stuff.

Today, it was hot beef fat. Whaaat? Why? And today would be the last time she would do this. But oddly enough, if I’m reading the story right, it wasn’t the hot beef fat injections that killed her. What got her was peritonitis. I guess it goes to show you never know what’s going to get ya.

And this story demonstrates that I’ve been doing this blog thing too long. A spokeswoman by the name of Rachael Jones was mentioned. My immediate response was “Rachael Jones? Is that the Islam is the light mom?” No, wrong spelling of Rachel. But I actually thought of that other lady instead of just reading the story on its own.

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