And They’re Off!…To Jail…And The Hospital…

Just reading what went down in this story has me laughing, because a little movie has started to form in my head of how it might have happened. Come on, the imagination gets working any time a burglary involves a pregnant woman getting stuck in a ventilation system.

So let’s set the scene. Two dudes, 1 19 years of age and the other 42, and this unidentified pregnant woman are driving along. La dee da dee dee…crunch! They hit a curb, and manage to hit it so hard that they totally ruin two of their tires! So, there they are, sitting on the side of the road, what to do, what to do. Then the idea, it occurs to them. “Let’s break into that race track over there and get to the money room and steal some dough! Yeah!”

As for their idea of how to get in without alerting security, they decide to go through the ventilation shaft and then run run run to the money room!

Then they must have realized that neither of the big dudes would fit, or their friend who was five months pregnant offered to skitter through the shaft. “Yeah!”

So they pick her up and get her into the ventilation system through a crawl space in the ceiling…but the ceiling tiles aren’t designed for supporting weight…and…they start to collapse around her in two places.

So much for sneakery. They make enough noise that security comes to see what’s up and call police. The dudes get arrested immediately, but they have to work to talk her down, and then she said she might be going into labour, so they take her to the hospital.

What a trio of toolchests! And what does that say for the kid’s future?

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