Recording? What Am I Recording? Well Shux!

This video of a cute couple inadvertently filming themselves while trying to figure out their new webcam killed me. My god. I think this is everybody’s parents or grandparents. It kind of reminds me of what happened when we tried to get my great aunt a computer. Oh, it would open up the internet and email and all that stuff…but she got so mad at the mouse and the small movements required to make it work that she never used it. Oh, so sad…in the words of the guy in the little video, “I’m so sad! So sad!”

I guess their granddaughter put it up, and now everybody knows Bruce and Esther, and they’re all embarrassed. Ah, nothing to be embarrassed about. Just wait until I’m old, and I’ll do the same with whatever new thing is out there to try. Hell, given the right new thing, I’d probably do it now.

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