Overly Social Networking

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here this week. I’ve been feeling mostly like garbage, and Carin’s been busy with things much cooler than feeling like garbage.

I can tell I’m still not right. If I was, it would be a lot easier than it’s proving to be for me to write about this idiot.

The story goes that 22-year-old Juan Gonzales Jr. broke into a home. He was discovered when one of the girls who lived in it awoke to find him standing over her bed at 3 in the morning. When she screamed, he ran for the hills…but not before grabbing her cellphone. Her roommate also reported a missing phone, laptop and some jewelry, so he managed a fine haul and a clean getaway.

Why then, you wonder, am I bothering to write about him if I’m feeling so awful. Shouldn’t I be resting? Well…we’re getting there.

An hour passes. A friend of victim number one starts getting some odd text messages from her. The police, doing what police do, set about trying to trace the stolen phone. As they locate it, they get another call. It’s from victim number one. A man calling himself Duce Gonzalez has just sent her a Facebook friend request, and he sure looks a lot like the guy that was in her house.

And just in case there was any doubt about these two being the same person, when cops arrived to pick him up, Juan Duce was still wearing the same outfit he had on when the screaming girl got a look at him. What a helpful fellow.

He’s in jail now, being held there on charges of second-degree burglary and felony theft. No word on whether or not he likes it.

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