Show And Tell Indeed!

Here’s a new one for ya. Do you remember being in kindergarten, and having Show and Tell? You brought in something from home, held it up to the class, and talked about what it was. Well, one kindergartener brought some things in for Show and Tell that were not your average items. They were a crack pipe and an ounce of meth. He never made it into the classroom with the drugs and pipe. The teacher got very curious about his items, and soon police were coming to take mommy dearest, AKA Michelle Marie Cheatham, off to have a little talk.

What I would love to know is what the kid would have said had he made it into the classroom with it. Did he know what the items were for? Or what interesting explanation would he have given? I mean, I’m glad things got yoinked before we reached that point, but it made me very curious.

Another bit of curious wording was this.

A family friend at Cheatham’s home told KCTV5 that the boy is now being cared for by loved ones.

This implies that Cheatham was not a loved one…at least it does to me.

And why do we care what the police dog’s name is? Really, how many times does that happen?

Hopefully the poor little guy wasn’t too traumatized by the end result of his bringing in exhibits A and B. And hopefully there’s still time to put things on the right path for him.

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