They Couldn’t See The Trees For The…Trees

The region that brought you fools lost in a corn maze is proud to present it’s next great production, fools lost in an apple orchard. Andrew Martin, who owns the orchard at 144 Sudbury Road with his sister, Julie Martin-Sullivan, said it was getting dark out when the couple wandered across the orchard. “They just […]

Hmmm…Maybe It’s Time To Change A Password Or Two.

I received this a couple of weeks ago, and keep meaning to put it up, but keep forgetting. Remember back when I was talking about the mugged in London scam? Well, here’s a detailed account of what could happen to you if you get hacked. It’s pretty scary. Not only could your friends start sending […]

Weekend Audio: Lunchless Lunches, Shattered Bowls And Talking Beer Koozies

At longish last, audio is back! This piece should have gone up last week, but due to the small matter of it not being recorded until right now, that didn’t happen. On this here 18.5 minute adventure into something or other, we touch on such topics as the good and bad of the #LunchUpGuelph event […]

Spare The Rod…Yeah, Definitely Spare The Rod

The First United Methodist Church in Niceville, Florida, may want to reconsider what it calls it’s “come as you are atmosphere” after a teenaged congregant was caught taking the come as you are part a bit too literally. According to cops, four witnesses spotted the 14-year-old suspect pleasuring himself inside the sanctuary of the First […]

Go Ahead And Ignore Our Law, Says The Law And Order Government

Boy, the conservatives sure are trying to make us all feel better about their awful copyright bill. Since the introduction of Bill C-11 last month, the digital lock rules have emerged as the most contentious aspect of the bill with both the NDP and Liberals indicating they cannot support the legislation without changes to those […]