Thursday Sure Went Well

Just a quick note before I turn in for the night because this has been a pretty good day for a few reasons and it needs to be remembered.

  1. The Leafs won their season opener by shutting out Montreal. What more need be said other than I hope the same damn thing happens to Ottawa on Saturday?
  2. The Yankees lost to the Tigers at Yankee Stadium no less and are now eliminated from the playoffs! What more need be said other than I hope the same damn thing happens to the Phillies tomorrow?
  3. Vince Russo appears to no longer be TNA’s head writer. I’ve been waiting for this since the day they hired him. What more need be said other than I hope this is the first step towards shitcanning him completely?
  4. We still have a Liberal government in Ontario. I voted NDP as I tend to do provincially, but a Liberal victory is completely fine with me. It looks like a Liberal minority that’s going to end up one seat short of majority status, but hey, a win’s a win, right? And minority governments don’t have to be a bad thing. They can keep a scary government in check and make a decent government better. They can work if everybody involved wants to make them work, which I hope is the case here. The last thing the province or the country needs is yet another election before it’s time. What more need be said than don’t be tools, people we’ve elected? Please do right by all of us and make this work.

I think that’s everything. It’s time for head to hit pillow before it hits keyboard. So what more need be said than good night, and let’s hope that tomorrow turns out as good as today?

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