>Rape Threats Over Blog Entries? Seriously?

>Someone retweeted this article about the things another blogger goes through because she blogs about women’s rights, and I’m in shock. The most we’ve ever gotten was some poorly-written hate mail. I can’t imagine actually getting threats that would make me live in fear. Even scarier is that she’s not alone. According to this, not only does she get this sort of stuff, but other bloggers who write about similar, as well as those who comment on these blogs also receive stuff like this. People actually threaten to rape and kill these people, and show them that they know where they live and can find them.

And she’s not the first person to mention this sort of thing. Sean Yo, our audio-making buddy, also retweeted a very similar sort of blog entry. Here it is. And this tends to happen to more women than men, although it seems that anyone who offends someone’s sensibilities gets death threats nowadays.

Granted, a bunch of the stuff we post here has to do with stupid criminals and jokes, but I have done a fair bit of advocating for things too. I hope the day never comes where I have to live in fear. After all, whoever would want to have me killed certainly would have an advantage.

Why must we share the world with such hateful individuals?

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