The Driver On The Bus Goes Get Off At This Random House Over Here

You drive a school bus. One of your 6-year-old passengers tells you she’s not feeling well. What do you do? Do you see if she can go back home if you’re close enough? Do you scramble to find her something she can ralph in? Do you pull over and help her get some air for a second? Do you comfort her and hope she can wait out the ride to school where there are nurses?

If you’re most people, one of those options would probably work. But if you’re a certain unidentified Manitoban driver and what’s being aledged is true, no. What you do in that case is drop her off at a stranger’s house and head on your merry way.

Fortunately the stranger onto whom little Sydnee Jeffery was dumped wasn’t the sort who would thank the lucky stars that child porn could be delivered now and helped her call home. It’s also fortunate that she remembered what her phone number was so that it didn’t have to be any more of an ordeal than it already must have been.

The driver has been suspended pending the results of an investigation that is expected to be finished later today.

Stranger things have happened, but first graders aren’t generally known for dropping themselves off in places they don’t know. If I’m this driver, I’m using my time off to polish up the old resume, because I’m likely gonna need it.

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