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I guess I should probably update folks, since last Saturday I was all full of “help me! Help me!”

I have myself a steady ride! Yeah baby! It’s hard to explain how stressful it is wondering if you’ll have rides to work, or wondering which days you should say you’re available based on who says they can drive you, along with getting used to the new job and everything. I kept picturing those primitive hunter-gatherers, foraging, hoping that if they just looked in the right places, they’d find the jackpot that would keep everybody fed for the next little while. Sure I wasn’t hunting for food, but it was sort of the same feeling of stress. Will I have rides for the next week? Where should I look next? When? In what bit of spare time should I start hunting again? What group of people should I ask next who might be a good resource?

Luckily, I have awesome coworkers who were totally flexible and willing to work with me, which took the stress down several notches. Then, one of them helped me find my ride, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

This job is totally going to rock my socks off. There is a boat load of stuff to do, but it all has the potential for awesome all over it. Plus, the people I work with are all kinds of amazing. I just hope I can do everything they’re looking for. I know one thing. I’m going to learn a whole lot of cool things.

I get impressed by simple things. I made Steve laugh when I came home from work and said “Steve, come here! Look at this! It’s a card that opens doors!” I know that doesn’t sound like much, but whenever I would do stuff for them before, I would have a visitor’s pass that didn’t have any door-opening power. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t need it since there was always someone going with me to meetings etc. so it was no big deal. But now I’m officially one of the crew! Yeah, I know, I’m a goof.

I still come home tired, but I’m sure that will get easier. But until I can zoom about the office without having to concentrate uber hard, I’ll probably be a little brain squishy. Oh well, it means my brain is getting a workout. Thankfully Steve’s helping me out a bunch. He makes my lunches and stuff. That sounds like a small thing, but it’s appreciated.

I think my coworkers must think I’m weird. As they’re showing me how to get from a to b to c, I’ll mutter to myself about “There’s that buzzing thing again. Where should the buzzing thing be?” No, I’m not crazy. I’m trying to use whatever is buzzing as some kind of orientation clue. If I can remember which way the buzzing thing should go, that will tell me later that I’m on the right track. Then I found out the buzzing thing isn’t always on! Damn it!

Trix is getting familiar with the place too. She’s funny. She basically knows how to find my desk and the lunch room. The funny part is she can find the lunch room on the way to lunch, which involves navigating this snakey crazy turny section of the hall. But when I come back through, she always goes straight and doesn’t try to automatically do the turns to get back to the desk. I can only guess that we have gone a couple of directions after lunch a few times, so she just thinks “duh…boss, I don’t know where you want me to go, so I’ll just go straight.” Oh well, that’s why we’ll get a couple lessons on how to get around, so I’ll know those finer points. But I might need a couple more lessons later on, since we’re apparently moving to another floor of the building in a month or so. Ah well, it’s all good.

There isn’t much else new, I’m just getting used to all this new jobby stuff. Wish me luck, this is a pretty huuuuge opportunity. I hope I don’t mess it up. And some day soon, I will have enough brain cells left to write stuff for here again on a more regular basis.

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