Pretty Pointless Post

Short, mostly pointless post about stuff many of you may or may not care about on the way because we sometimes do that kind of thing here.

First and foremost, first place is mine! Yes, with only 2 shows left to go, I’ve finally taken over sole possession of the top spot in the WWE pay-per-view pick ’em contest! It’s only a 2 point lead so I don’t feel very safe, but if I can keep on this nice hot streak I’ve been on, In just 2 short months I could find myself walking away with fabulous prizes!

I asked last week about how long it would take to give a giant metal balcony wall a makeover. Well, I have my answer now. Seems it takes right around two weeks. They took it just after Thanksgiving, and today they’ve been running around the building giving them back. Next on the list may be trying to get a new sliding screen door out of them since ours doesn’t fit in the track right anymore and is kind of a piece of crap.

I may have asked this question before, but just in case I haven’t, why does Rogers feel the need to charge you long distance to check your own cellphone voicemail from outside the city you live in? The phone the messages are meant for is right in my hand, and I don’t even have to manually dial a number to get to them. Plus the last time I checked the number it automagically calls is in Toronto which is long distance from Guelph in every circumstance other than checking messages, so what makes being outside of Guelph and needing to pick up messages so different? Shouldn’t long distance be long distance, and shouldn’t calling voicemail be free from anywhere since I’m already paying a fee just to have it? They can obviously turn long distance on and off, so why can’t they do us that one nice little good deed?

Carin and I are going to see Steven Page in a couple of weeks at River Run. I’m surprised we were able to get tickets at all at this point, let alone seats in a box so that Trix would have enough room to hang out without getting trampled. If you’re in the area and wanting to go, it sounds like there are still quite a few seats available, so your odds are good.

I still have no ideas beyond the couple I said I had last week for Christmas presents, but I think I’m going to try to take care of at least one of those this week so I can say I started my shopping in October. Not sure why I like to say that, but I get a little upset with myself if I can’t. I’ll probably buy the first of who knows how many things for Carin, a fact I’m mentioning here simply for purposes of tormenting her.

That’s all for the time being. I’ll be back when I find something cool or stupid, or if I just feel like wasting a bit of your time like I’ve just finished doing.

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