Steve And Carin On CFRU’s Accessibility Matters

If you missed it live and would like to hear it, you can download this afternoon’s episode of Accessibility Matters featuring Carin and I right here.

We were on with Jan and Susan for the whole hour talking about various things, but most of the time was spent on CFRU itself and the goal the folks there have of making the studios accessible for people with various types of disabilities.

I talked quite a bit about my time as an on air host and how difficult it can be to be the blind guy in a room full of what to me is unlabelled music and computers that don’t talk. There was also talk of Carin’s new job, Guelph Transit and the announcing of bus stops (always a favourite around here) and how much of a difference the attitudes of those around you can make in the life of a disabled person. A few other things got touched on as well, but those are the main points.

And before I forget, the line at the end where one of them says they hope I’ll come back to the station and I respond with something like “you don’t have me back yet” was meant to come off as be careful what you wish for, not as there’s no friggin way I’ll ever be back. Wanted to clear that up in case there was any doubt.

Enjoy the show, and please do donate if you can. CFRU does a great service to Guelph and beyond and honestly does need your support. If you feel like throwing them a few bucks, call 519-837-2378 or head over to

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