JustEat Is Just Neat

Oh my god I’m writing a blog post before I go to work. Hey, maybe this is a good sign that I’m getting into the swing of things and will be able to post more often.

This is another one I’ve been meaning to write for a while. A long time ago, I was on the phone with our buddy Anton. He mentioned a service called JustEat.ca and said he thought it served Guelph. What it is is a site where you can order from any of the restaurants in your area who have agreed to be part of it. You put your order through this website, they forward it on to the restaurant, the restaurant sends out the food to your door.

The really cool part about this for me is a lot of restaurants don’t put their menus in an accessible format. So if I decide to order from them, I have to know what I want already, and then just call them and order it. So I never learn about new stuff they have, or different stuff I haven’t already found. But with this site, the menu is accessible, right down to picking toppings on a pizza! So, I can read about everything, and take my sweet time picking, without feeling like I’m bothering the dude on the phone from the place.

We’ve ordered a few times from them, and every time, the deliveries have been wicked fast. In every single case, they have beaten their estimated arrival time, and by a long shot.

And, if you do run into trouble on their website, they have a hotline you can call, 877 338 0568. They’ve always been helpful when I had trouble with their coupon codes not working.

That’s another thing. They send out coupon codes for different reasons, and plug specials from the restaurants whose menus they have.

My only criticism, which really isn’t anything they can help, is the restaurants in our area are heavy on the pizza. Out of the 9 restaurants available from our postal code, 5 of them are pizza, and one of them that isn’t pizza has weird hours. It would be awesome if other stuff like chicken, or other local restaurants that do delivery would get on board, but I realize they have to want to before they will.

Over all, I definitely like JustEat.ca. See if they serve your area, and what they’ve got.

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