They Couldn’t See The Trees For The…Trees

The region that brought you fools lost in a corn maze is proud to present it’s next great production, fools lost in an apple orchard.

Andrew Martin, who owns the orchard at 144 Sudbury Road with his sister, Julie Martin-Sullivan, said it was getting dark out when the couple wandered across the orchard.

“They just started wandering while picking apples. They ended up in an obscure part of the orchard,” he said. “They called the police, but we found them. They were about three-quarters of a mile from where they started.”

Below is the text from the log:

“Caller reporting himself and his wife are lost in the orchard and can’t find there way out. Described area as a large field with picnic tables, volleyball net, and red shack that has sign on it with “School Group Check in.” S7 and S10 responding. Owner of orchard notified and responding. Couple located.”

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