That Time When The Rockers Kind Of Became Tag Team Champions For A Minute

People ask me wrestling questions a lot, and most of the time I like to think I’m pretty decent at either answering them myself or finding somebody who can/has. But one of the ones that stumps me every time is when people ask what the deal was when the Rockers beat the Hart Foundation for […]

Anton And His Theatre Friends present…The Gift of the Magi

If you’re looking for something to do really, really soon, our old pal Anton may have just the thing for you if you happen to be in the right area or aren’t going to the Irish Rovers and having people stay with you this weekend like Carin and I are. Join Out of Sight Productions […]

Another Candidate For Festive RIDE Theme Song

If you listened to yesterday’s big batch of audio, you know we had a hell of a fun time trying to come up with Festive RIDE Program Christmas songs. We didn’t mention this one yesterday since we were thinking so hard that it slipped our minds, but it seems appropriate to share a seasonal classic […]

It’s The Occupy VC Cast

Well, it is here. The Occupy VC Cast, the Occucast, whatever you want to call it, it’s here…and it’s about to occupy about 2 hours of your time. It would be awesome if you found it 99% funny. We divided it into 4 parts. It would have been only 3, but well, ya see, I’m […]

A Short Movie About Rioting Over Movies At A Black Friday Sale

What do you know, another completely insane bit of Black Friday video. Didn’t see that coming. Warning: VERY LOUD SOUND! Made me jump when it started playing. This lovely scene took place at a Walmart in Mesquite, Texas. I swear Walmart is the setting for about 98% of these things. Why is that? The people […]

Intellistreets? Telescreens? Hmmm

I hope these new advertisement-blaring, conversation-spying poles won’t be coming to an intersection near me anytime soon. I thought the security cameras were bad enough, but there’s something even creepier about these ones. Like something out of a sinister Orwellian vision of the future, streetlights with the ability to monitor conversations and announce government warnings […]

We Went To The Baker Street Station And You Should Too

Yesterday was my birthday. Ok so it’s actually not for a few more weeks, but we pretended it was and Carin took me out to the brand new Baker Street Station. It’s been open for about a week and change and we’d been looking for an excuse to pop in and try it, so hey, […]