More Songs About Roundabouts

What is with people wanting to sing about roundabouts?

First up we had the roundabout dance for pedestrians, next up was the roundabout dance for drivers. Now, in Ireland, a driving instructor has written yet another roundabout song.

Now there’s a fellow who says “aboot”.

Something about this song is strangely catchy. Drivers might learn a whole lot from it. I don’t think us pedestrians got a verse though. Hmmm. What would it look like? Something like this?

If you’re crossin’ at the roundabout on foot
there’s no walk or don’t walk sign so take a good look
Show the drivers that you’re there,
then run just like a hare…
Unless your blind, then well, you’re screwed!

Oh look, mine didn’t rhyme, just like his.

Happy driving through those roondaboots everybody.

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