The Black Friday Sales Are A Little More In Your Face Than Usual This Year

Here’s a Black Friday deal you may have missed.

A woman at a Walmart in Los Angeles was giving out free pepper spray to customers late last night. Yes, you heard me, free. Why such a deep discount? It’s actually pretty simple. When you don’t have to pay for the bottle it usually comes in, the markup doesn’t have to be nearly so high.

Authorities say at least 10 people suffered minor injuries inside a crowded Walmart store in Los Angeles after a female shopper used pepper spray during a confrontation.

The incident occurred shortly after 10:20 p.m. Thursday in the San Fernando Valley as shoppers looking for Black Friday deals were let inside the store.

Shawn Lenske, a Los Angeles fire spokesman, said the injuries, all of them minor, were due to “rapid crowd movement.”

Police don’t know what started the confrontation (retardity?) and so far, no arrests have been made. They say they’re still looking for the woman. Maybe try Target?

And on the subject of Black Friday, I’m hardly the first to mention this, but why is it ok to camp out for days and days to buy a bunch of junk, but camping out for the purpose of occupying something is a sin punishable by police beating? Priorities, people!

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