A Short Movie About Rioting Over Movies At A Black Friday Sale

What do you know, another completely insane bit of Black Friday video. Didn’t see that coming.

Warning: VERY LOUD SOUND! Made me jump when it started playing.

This lovely scene took place at a Walmart in Mesquite, Texas. I swear Walmart is the setting for about 98% of these things. Why is that?

The people you see and most definitely hear are doing their best to stomp and trample each other to get at video games and DVDs. Games and DVDs that apparently aren’t very visible to the folks grabbing at them. From the article.

The boxes at which they are grabbing like lions tearing at a deer carcass say “$10 while supplies last.”

You will notice how the occasional voice pleads: “Easy, easy.” And yet no one seems to pay heed.

What is, perhaps, most moving though is that people make their grab first and only afterward do they look at their boxes to see what DVDs or video games they have actually picked up.

This could be “Fried Green Tomatoes.” It could be some ancient version of a golfing, fishing or curling video game. Who cares?

That seemed to matter less to these Texans than taking as much as they could. It all makes for a very touching, contemporary scene.

Can’t really sum it up any better than that.

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