Welcome To The Second Annual Shoplift With A Cop

For the second year in a row, there’s been a shoplifting arrest at a Shop With a Cop event. I’m hoping this is something we can expect every year, like Christmas and the Darwin Awards.

Loss prevention officers at the Wal-Mart on Acton Lane saw a man in a back room cutting open packages of video games and game accessories and stuffing them inside his clothes. As the suspect walked towards the door, Charles County officers in the store were alerted and grabbed the suspect in the parking lot.

Timothy Randall Clark, 22, of Waldorf, was found to be in possession of 26 Play Station and Xbox games, two controllers, and several other video game accessories which were concealed inside his pants and sweatshirt. The total value of the items recovered was $635.04.

Clark, who has been charged with theft, apparently forgot or was unaware of how well a similar stunt didn’t go last summer when Shane Alexander and Jason Vantress tried it.

I wonder what became of those two. I was certain I’d have seen their names come up again by now, but so far it hasn’t happened. Maybe next year.

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  1. >Hahahaha! I remember the first time! This is great. How can we combine this with the Festive Ride carols? Hmmm.

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