What A Dmubass

I imagine there are quite a few vandals roaming around with a less than adequate grasp of spelling, but I’m not sure how many of them are as consistent or as easy to catch as Adam Hall.

Last month, somebody Vandalized Brittany Speckman’s car. Whoever it was bent the license plate, keyed it and scratched the word “sult” into the hood.

Sult? Just what the hell is a sult?

The answer to that question is where Hall enters the picture.

According to an affidavit filed in Bennington Superior Court, it didn’t take long for Speckman to finger her 34-year-old ex-boyfriend Adam Hall as the suspected vandal. As Speckman explained to a cop, “she did not think Hall could spell at all,” and she later discovered two text messages from him in which he called her a slut but spelled it “sult” each time.

Bennington police Sergeant David Dutcher reached out to Hall who denied vandalizing the car but in a subsequent interview with the investigator–after waiving Miranda–Hall was asked to “write out the sentence ‘you are a slut’,” and predictably Hall scratched out “you are a sult.”

Hall appeared in crout on Mnoday, and now faces up to 5 years in priosn if convicted of the felony mischief chrage he faces.

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