You Deserve A Hashbrown To The Face Today

The calendar may have changed from the old year to the new, but some things will always stay the same. There will, for instance, always be another person getting pissed off and making it known by throwing an order back at a restaurant worker.

The incident, which was captured by a restaurant surveillance camera, occurred around 9:45 Saturday morning at a McDonald’s in Lakeland. Simone Paolercio, 39, had ordered about $20 worth of food when she got into a dispute with a worker manning the drive-thru window.

Jessica Balderas, a McDonald’s worker, told cops that “there was a disagreement over two hashbrowns,” according to a Polk County Sheriff’s Office report. Paolercio reportedly became “irritated” and “wanted them to take the food back and refund her money.”

After a manager arrived to speak with Paolercio, the educator tossed some of the food items back through the drive-thru window when the man refused to provide a refund. Paolercio later admitted that she “chucked it” through the window when her refund demand was rejected. 

Some of the airborne grub struck Balderas in the face and chest, according to investigators. When Paolercio denied hitting Balderas with the breakfast items, a deputy advised that footage showed “a hashbrown fly out of the bag and through the air.” Paolercio, cops noted, “said she could not argue with the surveillance video.”

Yes, there is a video. It’s about 2 and a half minutes of complete silence so is useless to me, but since most of you aren’t blind, here ya go.

Paolercio has been charged with battery, but that may not be the end of it. Her husband Chris, for lord knows what reason, has taken to Facebook to vent his frustrations over the incident and threaten legal action.

“I will never step foot in a McDonald’s again,” he wrote. “A lawsuit will be coming for what they did…..”

Just what they did, however, remains a mystery. Perhaps they ruined perfectly good breakfast food by not catching it all, who knows?

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