Dear Western Canadians: Your Police Want To Kill You So You’ll Learn Something

It’s never good when the first thing you sit down to read on any given day is the stupidest fucking thing you’ve read in several, but it’s even worse when the stupidity in question comes from the police, who are supposed to be protecting people. Just look at this. Seriously, just look at it!

VANCOUVER — Police in B.C. are reluctant to tell the public what unique markings are on ecstasy pills suspected to contain a lethal additive linked to five deaths in the province .

That’s because they don’t want users thinking they’re sanctioning the rest of the pills.

The drug is also linked to five recent deaths in Calgary.

B.C.’s chief coroner says police agencies have decided against putting photos of the drug online.

Lisa Lapointe says authorities want people to know that at any ecstasy tablet can be contaminated with anything.

does anybody else see a problem here?

Yes, ecstasy can kill you. If it doesn’t kill you, it can mess you up but good. I’ve been around people who were on it and to be honest, it looked like a pretty retarded thing to be doing. You’d never catch me doing it, that’s for sure. But not everybody is me. Like it or not, there are folks out there who enjoy the way they feel when they do it and are, no matter what the police or sensible people like me say, going to do it anyway. It’s the same with pretty much any drug. It would be a good idea to stay the hell away from it, but not everybody is going to.

So armed with this knowledge and knowing that your primary goal is to protect the public and save lives, does it get much more irresponsible than hiding information about something that might kill them from the people who need it? Yes they’re drug users and on some level there’s a fuck ’em, they deserve it mentality that I completely understand having grown up around alcoholics. But at the end of the day we’re all human beings, and most of us would like to live.

Will everybody see these pictures or read the stories and be careful? Hell no! but is that really an excuse to not try to put people in unnecessary danger? Hell no! The potential that exists to save even a single person is reason enough for this info to be out there.

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