You’re Carin And Your Birthday Is Coming Up. What Do You Want?

I can’t remember if I’ve said this before, but I really don’t like shopping for people who aren’t me. Even if I know a person really well, I never feel quite like I’ve gotten the right thing.

I mention this now because in just a few short weeks Carin’s birthday will be here, and if I like living peacefully indoors I’d better have some kind of present when it gets here. Carin never said that, but let’s be real. A present that has to come through the mail being late is fine unless your significant other is insane, but not having anything because you’re clueless, that’s completely different. Any woman with any sense will never let you make another decision as long as you live if you pull out this little gem….or so I’ve heard. Even a bad gift is better than no gift, because at least you tried.

The problem I’m having right now is that I have absolutely no idea what she wants, and neither does she. We’ve also been together forever, so we blew through all that here, have some cute stuffed things business years ago. Plus it was just Christmas, and one of her presents was the last few bits of Austin Lounge Lizards music she didn’t already own. In retrospect it might have been smart to hold one of those back in case a special occasion were to creep up on me in the beginning of February, but in case you haven’t figured this out between here and Twitter, I’m not that smart.

So for a second, pretend you’re Carin. If you know her or even if you think you do based on what you’ve seen her write and heard on the audio casts we’ve done, what would you want the Steve you know to get you for your birthday? To get you started and perhaps save you some time, dinner is a given and unless there’s been an attitude change of which I am unaware, flowers are kinda dumb. She seems to think like me that way. I love you, so here are some over-priced dead things from the ground that you now have to take care of lest they become more dead to prove it.

I’m not just looking for lady answers. Anybody can feel free to chime in. If you’ve got what you think is a good idea, let me have it. Lord knows I need it.

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  1. >This is why B and I just do dinner for birthdays. Spur of the moment gifts might be given throughout the year but not for birthdays or Christmas. Maybe something for Trixie? Hhaha! Honestly if I were Carin's boyfriend I would be stumped as well. She doesn't seem like the kind who wants jewelry or other girly stuff. Maybe some sort of iThing? I have no idea. Is she reading comments on this post?

  2. >You're right, she's not generally so big on the girly type stuff. We always do dinner on birthdays and anniversarys and then get a present on top. It doesn't have to be anything huge. It can be a book or an album or some clothes…pretty much anything.

    I thought about an iThing before christmas, but she happened to mention that she's supposed to be getting one through work, so that was out.

    Whether or not she reads the comments on this is up to her. I can tell her not to and trust that she won't, but in a strange way it might be helpful if she did. She's not always the best when it comes to poker faces, so if I happen to catch a reaction it could be a big help. What say you, should I let her?

    And somebody else asked if there was a budget on this. the answer is not really, within reason. I don't want to set one since I'm asking for help from people all over the place and prices can be way different depending on where you are and what you're after. I kinda maybe have a very flexible number in my head, but I'll listen to anything just because it might inspire me.

  3. >Hmmmm. See, I always think of something useful. I'm practical haha. So I thought, what could help her get to work and back. Bus pass? Or, does she need something for her work area to personalize it. Or does she have something on her desk at home that would be useful at work, like one of those wrist rests for a keyboard. Does she need a new coat. Has she mentioned it's chilly in the office, if so maybe a sweater she can leave at work and not have to lug back and forth. Does she need a mug for beverages at work. I keep going back to things she could use at work. Hmmm. Or accessories for her electronics but she seems to take care of that herself when needed.

  4. >Useful is good. I like useful.

    She doesn't need a bus pass since she pays a driver.

    A coat is a really good idea, but her folks have that well in hand. She says I exagerate, but it seems like every second or third visit they leave her at least one coat.

    She has lots of nice long sleeved shirts and sweaters, some of them thanks to previous gift buying on my part.

    We have a shelf full of travel mugs, and I'm not sure where they all came from. Some are gifts, some were in goodie bags from events and some I think were left here by our old roommate from a couple homes ago.

    She does most of her at the office work on a laptop, so I'm not sure about the logistics of a hand rest.

    But again, useful is good. Useful can go in so many directions.

  5. >What kind of work area is the laptop in? Is she comfortable there? Does she need a foot rest to get her legs elevated properly? How's her chair? They probably provide chairs, but I'm just wondering about foot rests. Hmmm. Yep, she's got everything. Hahaha!

  6. >All I know about her area is that she's in a cubicle pod. She's never complained about it, so it must be comfortable enough.

  7. >Hmm, this is hard…
    So, useful, what about a scarf, a book, an amazon card (lol maybe not), a nice purs,
    Let me think…

  8. >You're right, it's definitely hard.

    Thanks for all the ideas. They're pretty good. I think the best one of your bunch right now is a book. I know she has at least 2 purses and I think I've seen a scarf or 2 floating around. Now the question is which book? Usually if I go the book route I have an idea of something she's mentioned or that somebody told her she might like. right now I don't have that.

  9. >Two words for you: gift certificate.

    Where does she like to shop? Buy her a gift certificate for that store/catalog/restaurant/whatever.

    Or coupon for that thing she always wants you to do that you don't do often enough in her opinion. Whether this is foot rubs or cleaning the bathtub or taking the dog out when it's negative ten or saying, "I love you" out of the blue or whatever. You can even do a little collection of coupons, from little things to big things.

    If all else fails, get her something fun to do with the dog. The way to a woman's heart is through her dog. Remember that.

    I am very practical. I like practical things. I like to tell people what I want. If they really want to surprise me, I give them a list, and then they can choose something from the list, and I won't know what. And it will be something I actually want. Everybody wins.

  10. >Hmmm…maybe a gift certificate to one of the online stores where she buys dog things? That might be something. I love gift certificates as gifts and I know she's the same way.

    I've seen the coupon idea in action before but have never done it. I'd have to be inventive to pull it off though. Cooking and cleaning are largely my departments here, and the 2 of us can be so mushy at times that it's disgusting. But a coupon for fun things…that could also be something.

    You've certainly thrown out some good ideas here. Thanks.

  11. >I think the gift certificate is a great idea,
    I love gift certificates lol.

  12. >I have an idea!

    Carin likes grapefruit. I can't stand the things. She informed me today while cutting one that we should really have a grapefruit knife. I had never heard of one, but they do exist. I know she wants one, so I should try to find one and maybe a grapefruit spoon, which apparently is also a thing.

    So that's a start! Yay!

  13. >Whoa, never heard of a grapefruit knife haha. I think I've heard of the spoon. Glad you got an idea!!

  14. >That's a good idea, hmm, never heard of them.

  15. >I'll let Carin explain them if she wants. It has something to do with sectioning them better when you cut through.

  16. >You guys are so shweet. Wow I thought everybody had seen a grapefruit knife. I didn't know I was the weirdo. Yeah it sort of cuts the goodness away from the side in cute little sections so you can spoon 'em out and eat 'em. I never realized how much it did until I halved a grapefruit with a normal knife and had to dig like mad to get the good stuff out.

    And yup I have an awesome chair and the office is nice and warm so I'm all good there. You guys are the best.

  17. >Hahah so you've been given permission to read the comments now? Grapefruit knife the official present?

  18. >Hopefully part of the official present if I can find one. I can think of a few places in town that might have them, so I think next week I'll call them. I might even see if the Canadian Amazon sells them. I'm sure America does, but I'm not sure how well shipping weaponry across the border would go.

  19. >If you can't find it, Amazon will have it. Amazon has everything.

  20. >Canadian Amazon is a lot more limited than American Amazon. They've been expanding in the last few years, but I'd be shocked if they have even a quarter of the stuff you guys have.

  21. >Oh interesting. And you can't order from American Amazon?

  22. >You can and I do when things come out cheaper, but there are certain things that won't ship between countries.

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