You’re Carin And Your Birthday Is Coming Up. What Do You Want?

I can’t remember if I’ve said this before, but I really don’t like shopping for people who aren’t me. Even if I know a person really well, I never feel quite like I’ve gotten the right thing.

I mention this now because in just a few short weeks Carin’s birthday will be here, and if I like living peacefully indoors I’d better have some kind of present when it gets here. Carin never said that, but let’s be real. A present that has to come through the mail being late is fine unless your significant other is insane, but not having anything because you’re clueless, that’s completely different. Any woman with any sense will never let you make another decision as long as you live if you pull out this little gem….or so I’ve heard. Even a bad gift is better than no gift, because at least you tried.

The problem I’m having right now is that I have absolutely no idea what she wants, and neither does she. We’ve also been together forever, so we blew through all that here, have some cute stuffed things business years ago. Plus it was just Christmas, and one of her presents was the last few bits of Austin Lounge Lizards music she didn’t already own. In retrospect it might have been smart to hold one of those back in case a special occasion were to creep up on me in the beginning of February, but in case you haven’t figured this out between here and Twitter, I’m not that smart.

So for a second, pretend you’re Carin. If you know her or even if you think you do based on what you’ve seen her write and heard on the audio casts we’ve done, what would you want the Steve you know to get you for your birthday? To get you started and perhaps save you some time, dinner is a given and unless there’s been an attitude change of which I am unaware, flowers are kinda dumb. She seems to think like me that way. I love you, so here are some over-priced dead things from the ground that you now have to take care of lest they become more dead to prove it.

I’m not just looking for lady answers. Anybody can feel free to chime in. If you’ve got what you think is a good idea, let me have it. Lord knows I need it.

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