When Being A Baby Isn’t Really Being A Baby

Kerry Fraser might be the enemy of Leafs fans everywhere for blowing that call in 1993 and costing the team a trip to the Cup final, but I’ll give credit where it’s due. Guy writes some pretty informative stuff for TSN these days.

I just came across this one while catching up on some reading and thought I’d share it. It’s all about the different kinds of taunting and chirping we all know go on in hockey. It won’t teach you any words or insults you don’t already know, but it’s an interesting look at a different side of the game. It’s a good reminder that even though players are highly paid professionals playing a game they know is mentally and physically tough, they’re still human beings.

Fraser talks about what it can be like when the trash talking goes too far, and how difficult it can be in the moment to put a stop to what needs stopping and let things go when it’s ok. He also touches on how these incidents can change people for the rest of their careers and lives.

If you’re a fan of hockey or sports in general, check it out.

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