>The Day Of Ambush BJ Therapy Has Not Yet Arrived, It Would Seem

>The next time I watch a porn flick that’s set in a hospital, I’ll be skimming the credits for Hal Weston‘s name.

According to police, the male victim was brought to the hospital after officers were unable to rouse him after he passed out in a police cruiser. At the hospital, the unconscious man (who was to be charged with public intoxication, trespass, and public urination) was put into an exam room, which was concealed behind a curtain.

Cops noted that an officer, who had been writing a police report, went into the exam room to check up on the unconscious man. That’s when patrolman James Gale spotted Weston performing oral sex on the patient around 2 AM.

Weston is, or was, an employee of the hospital. He has since been fired. He’s been charged with forcible sodomy, which is a felony. He was taken into custody, but later bailed himself out and is now free. Funny, you’d think a guy like that might want to stick around a prison.

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