A Word Or 6 On Fixing Computers, And Happy Birthday Carin!

I’m not a hardcore tech support guy, but enough people look in my direction when bad things happen to perfectly good computers to make this seem like a worthwhile article. 5 Things You Should Know Before Trying to Fix Your Computer.

There is much great advice to be found here, but sadly most of it is going to fall on deaf ears, I’m afraid. I’m not sure what it is, but completely smart, reasonable people are just not capable of understanding anything when it comes to computers. You can put things in the simplest of terms and they’re completely lost. Sometimes it looks like they get it, but you’re fixing the same damn thing for the same reason within a year, usually a lot quicker than that.

The malware section I find particularly amusing. That, more than any other computery thing, is my department. And it really is that hard to get people to click the fucking button…whether that button be fix or update.

Which, I should point out, brings me to another problem. Those free programs are awesome. They’ve saved many a system that I’ve set them loose on. But as with anything else, there’s a catch. The free version’s don’t run in the background and more importantly, they don’t update automatically. You can install the best software there is, but if nobody’s updating it and running it now and then like you’ve told them to, you’re no further ahead. It’s hard to fix today’s infections with 5 months ago’s detection routines. I really can’t fault the software companies. They have to make a buck to keep development going and selling automation is a good way to do that. But it’s a serious pain in my ass when somebody gets one of those no, I’m not letting you update anything kind of infections and I have to find a way around it.

I guess what I’m really trying to get at here is people, please do what I tell you. If I say it’s ok to hit the button, hit the thing. If I say please update this program once every week or 2 and then run it when you won’t need the system for a while, it won’t kill you to wait on putting up that awesome Facebook status for a while. In fact it’ll save you lots of waiting when you don’t have to pack your system off to Mr. Fix it again. Please, just listen to me. I’m trying to help.

Ok, I’m off to buy Carin a birthday dinner at Guelph’s new Works Burger. I hope not to think much about computers while I’m gone.

Happy birthday, Carin! I hope it’s been a good day even though they made you work through it. And I’m happy I could help you win the DQ cake from CJOY. Yes me, involved in winning something. I can’t believe it either.

Thanks again to all of you who threw gift suggestions at me. Something is coming, albeit a little late. But that doesn’t mean I shafted her on gifts. She got something today. Not that, you perverts…at least not yet.

Ok, I’ve said too much. I’m seriously going for food now.

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