What’s The SMS Shorthand For Take A Long Walk Off A Short Pier?

Considering that my afternoon yesterday was highlighted by a distracted guy roaring out of a bank, ploughing into me, kicking me in the bad ankle and bending the hell out of my white cane as he fell on his face, it’s kind of funny that the first thing I see when I start looking for […]

Can I Have Your Password Is A Bad Interview Question, And Yes Is An Even Worse Answer

Job seeker balks at request to provide Facebook login The article mentions it, but it’s worth pointing out again that this is hardly a new thing. I’ve seen stories through the years of various companies and agencies asking for this type of information. It’s troubling that employers think that this is ok in any way, […]

She Must Like Me. She Let Me Meet Her Mom On Just Our Second Robbery

Believe it or not, John Jardini isn’t the first guy to try this particular pick-up trick. This sort of thing has happened before. At least twice, actually. Jardini allegedly took $60 from a girl he confronted on Brownsville Road and NoblesLane. She had just gotten off a bus and was waiting for her mother. After […]

Hey Honey, Get A Picture Of Me With This Bar From My Cell

This site and many others are full of stories about dumb things criminals have posted on Facebook. It’s gotten to the point where it’s almost not weird or funny anymore, so we let a lot of them slip bye without comment. But every now and then you run across a Steven Mulhall. A thief who’s […]

I’ll Ring Your Taco Bell, Mom!

What would a lovely spring day such as this be without a little bit of food-related family violence? Incomplete, say I. Christopher Phillips got into an argument with his mother Rebecca, 55, “because Rebecca used Christopher’s salsa and taco sauce on her dinner,” according to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report. After Phillips got in […]