Print Encyclopedias Just Got One Step Closer To Death. What Are We Supposed To Do With All The New Shelf Space?

Newsflash, people in my age range. We’re getting old. Encyclopaedia Britannica Gives Up On Print Edition

That’s right, the era of the giant bookshelves full of encyclopedias in the living room or the library is coming to an end. We all knew this day would come because it’s 2012 and you can find all of the world’s information online in about 30 seconds if you’re good at Google, but it’s still somehow surprising and a little strange knowing it’s finally happening.

Britannica isn’t going away completely though, it’s just kicking it’s addiction to tree carcusses. You can buy it in DVD and online digital formats if you’re into things much more fact based than Wikipedia. And if you want to own a piece of history in the form of the final print edition, you can still buy one for a cool $1,395. Given the current state of the universe, that price tag explains quite a bit, I think.

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