Run for President

Rich De Steno, who you might recall is the man who gave the world Destination Mars, emailed to let me know that another of his old games has been updated to work on Windows. It’s Run for President, the other one I remember playing back in the day.

The object is to fly around the U.S.A. and claim states and their Electoral votes. If you get 270 of them, you win and become president. But just like with Mars, it’s not easy. You only have so much money, and it can be hard to hold onto it. It’s also, at least based on the game I just tanked big time, much easier to lose states to the computer than it used to be. Part of the reason for this is that there are now trivia questions you must answer along the way. If you can remember who was President when and how to spell everything you should be ok, but it definitely adds a new wrinkle to things especially if you’re Canadian like me.

The game is free, and if you’d like to take a run at it so to speak, you can grab it here.

Have fun.

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