Hey Honey, Get A Picture Of Me With This Bar From My Cell

This site and many others are full of stories about dumb things criminals have posted on Facebook. It’s gotten to the point where it’s almost not weird or funny anymore, so we let a lot of them slip bye without comment.

But every now and then you run across a Steven Mulhall. A thief who’s not content to go unmentioned and will seemingly take just about anything to make sure his name gets out there.

Mulhall was in court last month answering to some misdemeanour theft charges when he decided he’d snag himself a little souvenir to take home. His choice? The nameplate from the courtroom door of Judge Michael Orlando.

So proud was Mulhall of his new possession that he just had to get a picture of himself posing with it. And it’s at this point where I announce that we can prove conclusively that stupid is in fact contagious. I don’t know if Steven Mulhall has a Facebook page of his own, but his girlfriend does. And for reasons known only to them, her page quickly became that picture’s new home. An anonymous tip later, the crime was solved and the county jail once again became Mulhall’s new home.

His girlfriend hasn’t been charged with anything yet and may not be, since there may be no way to prove that she did anything other than post a foolish photo of somebody else. Mulhall, on the other hand, is now facing felony charges. It would have been a misdemeanour, but because of his history, the theft of something valued at $40 is being treated much more seriously.

Next time, and there will be a next time, just write the judge’s name down if remembering it is that important. And don’t forget to bring your own paper so you don’t have to snatch any. We’d hate to give off the vibe that you’re a habitual offender.

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