What’s The SMS Shorthand For Take A Long Walk Off A Short Pier?

Considering that my afternoon yesterday was highlighted by a distracted guy roaring out of a bank, ploughing into me, kicking me in the bad ankle and bending the hell out of my white cane as he fell on his face, it’s kind of funny that the first thing I see when I start looking for post ideas again is the story of Bonnie Miller.

Miller, as so many do these days, decided it was just fine to walk around while texting. Unfortunately for her, her chosen path was the South Pier in St. Joseph, Michigan and her destination, whether she liked it or not, wound up being the lake at the end of it.

Police arrived on the scene about 9:30 PM Monday and pulled the 45-year-old woman to safety. Another woman had already jumped in to help, but it’s not noted if she needed to be rescued as well.

I’m hoping we get video of this like we did when Cathy A. Cruz Marrero fell into the mall fountain and then tried to sue everybody a year or so back.

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