Help Save The Guelph Public Library’s Free Internet Access

Earlier in the week I posted about the unfortunate situation that the Guelph Public Library finds itself in thanks to our fantastic Harper government. Well, it didn’t take long for people to take up the cause and start working to ensure that when the funding ends, the free internet access doesn’t. City councillor Cam Guthrie […]

If You Ever Plan On Flying Again, You May Want To Skip This One

Um…uh…er…Wholly freakin crap! What text message could possibly be more important than safely landing a 220 seat airbus, Mr. Pilot? The problems aboard JQ57 began when the co-pilot, the first officer, switched off the autopilot on the 220-seat Airbus A320 to make preparations to land. Somewhere between 2500 feet and 2000 feet, the captain’s mobile […]

Happy Birthday To Canada’s Polka King

Since I posted last, I’ve been trying to think of a reason to embed a YouTube video to make sure that Blogger and the steaming inaccessible pile it calls a streamlined interface didn’t break that along with everything else to which it has laid waste. Thankfully I didn’t have to think too hard, since this […]