So, About That New Interface…

Well…that was not the most pleasant experience.

So I got the old interface back for now. That was about six different kinds of blech. I also sent Blogger some not so nice feedback about their utter disregard for accessibility and how they may be forcing me to kick them to the curb.

So…here’s the scoop on the new Blogger interface and why it blows chunks.

  1. Heaps, piles and tons of unlabeled buttons.
  2. Sometimes, pressing enter isn’t good enough. You have to simulate a mouse click, spin around, bark like a dog, and whistle Dixie to get some of the buttons to show up.
  3. By consequence, good luck changing any settings. You can post, just barely, but if you ever wanted to modify settings again, you can just forget it.
  4. and honestly, what’s up with all the seemingly empty trees? Maybe that was an attempt at ARIA, and if so, you fail.

And that’s about all I managed to discern before deciding that I wanted to heave the new interface off the nearest high thing.

Luckily, I could do just that, but for who knows how long. And even that wasn’t easy. I will try to explain what I did, although I’m not even sure.

I think I hit the more options button down by go to posts list. That brought up a listbox, and in it was old Blogger interface. Somehow, by some magic I don’t quite understand, I activated it, and hello old interface.

So I hope this isn’t just a reprieve and I won’t be screwed at the end of the month. If it is, there’s no way in hell I’m staying with Blogger. That new interface is a nightmare, they were warned, and they chose to ignore us. That attitude is not one I’ll put up with. It’s kind of too bad that it’s a free service because I’d like the satisfaction of never paying them another cent. I’d like to be able to say that if they have no regard for accessibility then they don’t get my money…but I don’t pay them. So I feel like I don’t have as much power as I’d like.

It’s too bad, because for the most part I liked the Blogger interface. Our blog even went through a few versions of it. But now they’ve gone and epically broken it.

If we do have to switch over to another platform, at least it’s written somewhere why we had to leave.

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