Wow, What Broke

“Introducing the completely new, streamlined blogging experience that makes it easier for you to find what you need and focus on writing great blog posts.”

Everybody’s a comedian, eh Google? I’ve been trying for nearly 9 years to write a line that funny and you guys just crank it out like it’s nothing. Way to make a longtime user feel inadequate.

Speaking of inadequate, did anybody test this new interface for screenreader accessibility? If so, which cereal box did this person’s qualifications come from, and when is he going to be allowed to use an actual screenreader? Carin already took this thing apart, so I won’t go over it all again. I’m mainly just mentioning it again because it needs it, plus I wanted to see if I could link back to that by hand or if you guys went and fucked that up again like you did years ago.

With this test out of the way, next up is making sure I can still embed videos and figuring out how to add pictures. Oh, and probably talking to some hosts about getting ourselves hooked up with WordPress and lots of server space so we can do audio again.

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  1. >Good news: Linking to stuff by hand didn't bust.
    Bad news: Proper line spacing wasn't so fortunate.

  2. >Definitely frustrating, especially since there's no way that Google couldn't have known this was going to be a problem. They were warned repeatedly about access.

    Oh, and I think I've got the line spacing thing figured out. There's a post settings area you can click that will bring up options for that, how to present html and allowing comments. I hope there's a workable way to make those settings apply across the board. If not I might just kill someone.

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