Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?

Oh…my…freakin…lord!2 Teens Hit By Car While Sunbathing.

“Yikes,” you’re thinking to yourself. “Those poor girls! What sort of drunken maniac drives that far off the street and hits a couple of poor, innocent kids?”

The answer, I’m sorry to report, is nobody.

What that headline there fails to mention is that these two nimrods were tanning in the middle of the road, fell asleep and were driven over by a fellow who is reported to be a cousin of one of them.

The video at the link above should play automatically, which is nice since I am currently as bereft of words as these kids are of clue.

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  1. Wow. That cousin will be traumatized for a while. I don’t care how quiet the road is. It is not a place to sunbathe!

  2. There are some real prizes in that video. I’m not sure how no real mention is made of how utterly retardulcated these people are.

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