Are My Days Of Being Able To Take The Train Numbered?

Everyone’s favourite federal government strikes again? Since the new federal budget made it through the various levels of government and can now set about laying waste to everything in its path, word has come down that Guelph’s VIA Rail station will have no people working in it come October. This news is about as fantastic […]

RNIB’s Ad Is Not Offensive. People Getting Offended By RNIB’s Ad Is What’s Offensive

Over the weekend, people on Twitter and probably other places I don’t frequent started getting all up in arms about this RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) fundraising ad. Yes, that acronym looks weird to me, too. “It makes blindness out to be pathetic,” they said! “This commercial is garbage!” “Makes us seem like […]

An Awesome Classic Story I Wish I’d Seen At The Time

You know, with my crazy schedule, I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Twitter anymore. I’d come home from work, stare at the piles of tweets that had accumulated, and then promptely decide I could put my time to better use by doing…anything but reading them all. But […]

More On The Blind Archer, Plus Just Where Can I Watch All This Stuff, Anyway?

After yesterday’s post, Ro sent me a pretty interesting article on Im Dong-hyun, the legally blind archer. I’m glad people are asking these questions, even though it seems they’re near impossible to answer definitively. Column: World record, yes. Blind? Not exactly LONDON — The headline sounded too good to be true: “Legally Blind Archer Smashes World […]

An Olympics Events Schedule, Plus The Difference Between Blind Blind And Legally Blind

Whether I bother watching a little or a lot of the Olympics has still not been decided, but what I know for sure is that this is about the handiest thing I could have found. Here Is Your Handy Olympic Master Schedule A list of when everything is going to take place, with the added […]

Dear Rogers: Get Bent. Thank You

Update: Our pal James has suggested that this post needs a soundtrack. He is correct. Yes, they gave us a nice discount thanks to that ridiculous internet outage last week, but based on what I’ve just seen, Rogers can still go fuck themselves, preferably in the eye with something large, flaming and uncomfortable. Our bill […]