The Guelph Transit Routes Post, Now With Guelph Central Station and UC Hub Goodness

Hi. It’s me, ya know, the silent one? Back in May when we did our audio blitz, I promised that I would put up a description of the bus platforms and what bus pulls into them. I said I would have it done by the end of the weekend. Um, yeah, about that. Finally, last night, I got off my arse and did it. It didn’t take me that long.

So I figured there was already a post about the new routes, so why not modify it?

So, just to make sure everybody sees it, here’s the updated Guelph Transit post.

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  1. Actually, you got *on* your arse and did it. Being run *off* of it is why it hadn’t gotten done.

    1. This, this is a fine point lol.

      1. I’m good for one of those now and then.

        Hopefully you’re crazy busy season is over now and you can get back to just busy season.

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