So Long Uncle Mike, You’ll Be Missed

Man, I’m in the midst of all sorts of chaos, but I have to write this down.

I just found out on Tuesday that my uncle passed away. It was totally unexpected. He had been dealing with cancer, but that was under control. Then, suddenly he got a blood clot, and…wammo! Now he’s gone, and everybody’s kind of left with their mouths hanging open. He was only 57.

He was definitely a quirky guy with a funky sense of humour. Whenever Steve would come to our family gatherings, he and my uncle would get talking. Family stuff isn’t going to be the same anymore. My poor cousin’s only 19 and she lost her dad.

You know, it’s good that we had that family reunion back in June. At least we all saw each other one last time. Now we have to get used to the fact that he’s gone. What a total shock.

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